Corporate Culture


    Renown with Virtues is the essence of our corporate culture.  For every single employee, Virtue means to do correct things with his own initiative; for the leadership, it means to make the most of both internal and external resources against a background of fierce market competition.

    The unity of man and nature—Be honest and credit. Keep the word and action conformed. Follow rules. Know how to use resources. Take every advantage of opportunity. Then realize the ultimate aim of striving for a harmony among people, society, corporate, environment and the nature.

    Keep the unity of knowing and doing—It emphasizes on bringing knowledge into high correspondence with action. Take action immediately once you are aware of. Always try your best. Following the laws and the rules of nature, do correct things with initiative.

    Practice culture only for win—In market competition, “win” is the highest pursuance of Virtue Culture. Only by win, the company can accomplish its mission to realize the value of Virtues. Realizing the enterprise strategy is our only choice. And our enterprise development advantages can be seen when we continuously dedicate ourselves to designing process scientifically, increasing the work efficiency and enhancing the competition ability.

    Leading in Service—Overall practice the strategy of service-oriented manufacturing. Provide customers with the service and the comprehensive solutions that cover the entire life cycle of our products.

    It expresses the concern and the pursuit of Shaanxi Automobile Group for the cultural spirits, the product quality and the service quality, and shows Shaanxi Automobile Group’s confidence and resolution to constantly seek after the best quality.

Shaanxi Automobile Group’s corporate culture has a feature of being round outside but square inside. Being round on the outside means to be mellow, compatible and harmony-pursuing, while being square inside means to be precise, accurate and rule-valued.