The SHACMAN X3000, bring you feelings of home


When you are driving 10 hours a day, or across the country, your truck is basically your second home. Comfort, reliability, and intelligence are increasingly becoming a key measurement of a high quality vehicle along the lines of safety and ergonomics.

In the eyes of the user, at what point does a truck become satisfactory, or become excellent, what is so special about the SHACMAN X3000 that makes it feel like home?

As a high end product, the X3000 is full of comfort features. Considering the strength of the driver cab, SHACMAN has done much optimization. Other optimizations includes a comprehensive upgrade of the shifting system allowing significantly improved gearshift comfort. Shift force is decreased by 20% to 30%, Shift reliability is increased 70% and position of shift control is optimized along with adjusted seat height, more in line with the user's driving demands. The layout of the driving area is also more reasonable and user-friendly allowing easy operations.



The seats on the X3000 series utilizes a newly designed four point air suspension with air cushion and transverse shock absorber which can effectively reduce lateral high frequency vibrations and improve anti roll frequency. The reduction of front suspension stiffness greatly improves comfort and driving experience. The vehicles are also equipped with a multifunction steering wheel with cruise control and Bluetooth functions. The A/C system features improved cooling capacity and fully automatic and intelligent controls; it can not only adjust the temperature automatically depending on ambient temperature, but also according to the intensity of sunlight in the cab. The vehicle cab is insulated with PU integral soft foam and quality knitted fabric lining, satisfying European standards for noise reduction.

SHACMAN X3000, with its streamlined exterior and quality interior, is a vehicle that is tough, rugged and powerful while at the same time refined, gentle and intelligent, bring its user a feeling of a mobile home.

So what are you waiting for? The choice is obvious.