Targeting high-end standard logisticstransport market segment


SHACMAN X3000 is a new heavy truck product on the market developed by in-depth market research.Targeting high-end standard logisticstransport market segment, themain pushes are the 6X4 models.


Using 940 mm front, 850mm rear(thickness 8mm) high-intensity widened monolayerbeamframe.Carried out stress analysis so thatthe vehicle has a more reasonableforce distribution frame.

Highstrengthsteel cab,topology optimization of interiorand exterior trimmaterial thickness.

4front,2 rearlessleafspringsstructure, application of lightweightbalancer shaft breakaway

Anew generation oflightweight 90saddle,FASTaluminum12-speedgearbox,aluminum alloyrims, aluminumaircylinder and HandeLightweight13Tsinglestageaxle.

Reducing fuelconsumption

Equipped with high powered engines from Cummins and WeiChai ( Weichai12 liters375ps-430ps, Cummins385ps-440ps), FAST 12 speed aluminum transmission (withoutoverdrive) and Hande13tMANgear ratio(2.714 and 3.083)single stageaxle, tailored as powerful,high-speed logistics transports.

Better comfort

Brandnew European styled cabin, dichroicrearviewmirrors, openableside windows,integratedtrapezoidalheadlamps,increasedlateral shock absorbers and a new cab four-pointair suspension system.

Luxuriousupholstery, highly integrated controlplatforms, 5 inch multifunctioncold lightinstruments, airadjustablefour sideanti-slipseat.

Doorcentralcontrol module, reliableintegratedpowerwindow, power mirrors, electric heated rearview mirrors and central locking functions.

A new powerful forcein economical logistics transport!