Shaanxi Automobile Group handed over the SX2300 command vehicle to Tiananmen police detachment


On the afternoon of February 23, the general manager of Shaanxi Automobile Group Mr. Wang Yanhong handed over a symbolic golden key representing the SX2300 command vehicle to the hands Tiananmen police detachment vice captain Liu Jianguang.

During the delivery ceremony Mr. Wang Yanhong said that the armed police is a force responsible for national security and an important force in the country to ensure internal unity and stability. The Tiananmen police detachment is the elite unit of the armed police force and that is it an honor to have been able to cooperate with them in providing them with military equipments. Mr. Wang Yanhong explained that Shaanxi Automobile Group is the only enterprise that was born and strengthened by the military. Since establishment, military vehicles has been the focus of the enterprise production and scientific research and has always been an important part of the core competitiveness of enterprise. Since establishment 47 years ago, the company has fitted over 50 thousand military vehicles which is more than 90% of all the active military vehicles of the same class. Mr. Wang Yanhong also pointed out that Shaanxi Automobile Group has always sought opportunities for cooperation with the armed police and that we are proud to be able to participate in the development of the Tiananmen police detachment. The successful delivery of the vehicles is just the beginning, Shaanxi Automobile Group will continue to focus on whole life cycle of the vehicles and provide a comprehensive service guarantee.


Vice captain Liu Jianguang said during the event that military vehicles quality are the staple of the Shaanqi brand and has been serving its country since the beginning. He also remarked that Shaanxi Automobile group has always been committed to the national construction, social construction and national defense construction. This event fully reflects Shaanxi Auto Group’s affection towards the people's army, embodying the selfless support of the military, social responsibility and industrial patriotism.

Before the vehicle delivery ceremony, the two groups engaged in discussion and vehicle inspection. Vice captain Liu Jianguang , Tiananmen police detachment chief Guo Zhigang, Zhejiang Rui Ye special vehicles Co. Ltd executive director Gao Wei, General Armament Department and Army Bureau Xi'an Branch Military Representative Office general representative Li Junjie along with representatives from Shaanxi Automobile Group attended this pre delivery event.