SHAMCAN caring service level up!


“I have always worried about not having enough time to service my vehicles and I never expected them to come here to service my SHACMAN vehicles. These service personnel are extremely professional and efficient; I trust them 100% with my vehicles.” The above was quoted from Mr. Ruan who works in Hanoi, Vietnam. 


May is the month of peak usage for engineering and constructions vehicles and in order to assure vehicle attendance rate, SHACMAN Vietnam service team is on the offense. Taking advantages of the short and rare break time in the customer's operation by going to the vehicles that need to be serviced, the team methodically inspects every aspect of the vehicles and replace any parts necessary. Their operation has saved the customers much time and money. The service team has also created the Vietnam version of the service manual as well as providing field training for drivers and customers to improve their awareness to maintenance and repairs, creating even more value for the customers.


Service work is not static, it is ever changing and innovating revolved around customer’s demands, only with new thinking and solutions as time goes by will our service improve. Today, the service mode of the Vietnam office has been adopted by our offices in over 10 countries and regions. We believe that everyone should receive the quality service that Mr. Ruan enjoyed from our professional service team.