Ethiopia special investment and trade promotion


“Shaanxi – Ethiopia Special Investment and Trade Promotion”, hosted by the Embassy of Ethiopia in China and sponsored by the Shaanxi Province CCPIT was officially held on the afternoon of May 14th, 2016


Ethiopia's ambassador to China remarked in his speech that when most of the world talks about Ethiopia, their images will be those of hunger, poverty and dysfunction. But in the past 12 years, Ethiopia’s economy grew at an average annual rate of over 11%; becoming the fastest developing economic entity in the world. He also described that Ethiopia is at a time of national revival and is a country of peace and stability. Ethiopia has the second largest population in Africa and majority is comprised of a young and motivated workforce. The ambassador also mentioned that Ethiopia is a major trade and cooperation partner with China and there hasn’t been a better time in the investment environment.

The ambassador continues saying that Xi’an is the starting point of the historic Silk Road and has been engaged in trading with Ethiopia thousands of years ago, making the cooperation between Shaanxi enterprises and those of Ethiopia’s a historical repeat of the past. The ambassador also described his first time in Xi’an, saying that this lively, modern, yet ancient and culturally abundant city reminds him of his home. The ambassador was quoted saying “there’s an old Chinese proverb that goes ‘It is better to see once than hear a hundred times’. Therefore, I sincerely welcome the Shaanxi Government and enterprise to come and visit Ethiopia to seek opportunities for exchanges and cooperation between the two sides.”

After his speech, the ambassador participated in a friendly conversation with the personnel of SHACMAN attending the event. When Mr. Zhang Haigang, vice general manager of Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Import & Export Co., Ltd. showed the ambassador photos of the first SHACMAN military vehicle rolling out of the Ethiopia assembly plant and Ethiopian military defense minister attending the delivery ceremony, he was ecstatic. He expressed that heavy duty vehicles are very welcomed in Ethiopia with low labor costs. He encourages SHACMAN hire local labor production and sales as well as increase cooperation with local enterprise and lastly hoped that SHACMAN will have nothing but success in the future.