Philippines Davao 4S shop is now in operations!


May 19th marked the special occasion for the grand opening of the SHACMAN Davao 4S shop in Philippines. Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Import & Export Co., Ltd general manager Tian Chao and deputy general manager Wei Xiaofeng, along with Davao city government officials attended this historical event.

Davao is the largest city in southern Philippines as well as the largest truck distribution and sales center. A few month ago in January, SHACMAN was able to cooperation with GDM corporation which allowed the first batch of vehicles being imported into the region. The completion and opening of this 4S shop signifies that SHACMAN sales and services now fully cover the island of Mindanao as well as the surround regions. This is especially important for filling in the truck demand heavy market gaps like the Surigao mining sector and Cagayan.

Philippines’ incredibly strong market demands has caused vehicle sales volume to continue to grow in recent years. The trend continues into 2016, with the first quarter racking in higher sale numbers than previous year, which in turn has caused Philippines to become the 2nd largest heavy duty vehicle export destination for China in all of Southeast Asia.

In the first quarter of 2016, SHACMAN managed to sign on two primary dealers and export has quickly increased to around 200 units; far surpassing the figures of previous quarters. SHACMAN plans that sales in 2016 will surpass the accumulated sales of all previous years, marking a significant breakthrough in the market.