Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group appears in the China top 500 brand value list. Brand valued at over 15 billion Yuan



On May 12th, China top 500 brand value review committee announced its annual ranking list.  As the backbone of China's commercial vehicle industry and northwest region's largest equipment manufacturing industry, Shaanxi Automobile Holdings Group placed 233rd on this list with its estimated brand value of over 15 billion Yuan.

This selection and placement event is jointly sponsored by the brand observation magazine and more than 200 organizations in China. The selection and placement is made based on analyzing three years of profit level as well as educated speculations on the future of the brand, along with considering the characteristics of the industry, market status, brand market status, brand history along with other influencing factors.


Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group has always attached great importance to brand building and brand management. The brand also has propelled the development of enterprises, especially in recent years. Through increase product variety and quality, efforts to adapting changes in market demand and constantly seize development opportunities, Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group has significantly enhanced its brand core competitiveness. The enterprise has received numerous awards including “China's most competitive brand”, “ 10 Automobile industry’s most popular and favorite brands” and “Chinese famous brand products”.

Being placed in China top 500 brand value list not only shows the strength of Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group’s Competitiveness, but also indicates that after comprehensive transformation and upgrading, Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group will have even more powerful development potential. Behind its development, Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group will pay more attention to the deep research of brand strategy, overall promotion of brand value as well as the customer’s emotional attachment to the brand. With the deepening of enterprise brand building, we believe that the widely recognized brand value and brand effect will be further rewarded by the market and society as a whole.