Kazakhstan state television interview about SHACMAN’s “one belt, one road” new starting point



Recently, Kazakhstan state television production unit visited Shaanqi Commercial Vehicle Industrial Park for filming their featured film <Double west highway>.

Kazakhstan state television is a subsidiary of Kazakhstan National Radio and Television Corporation which broadcasts over 15 hours of programming daily with around 96.25% national coverage. The channel is equivalent to China’s CCTV – 4 channel. The filming involves Shaanqi’s enterprise introduction and the production and testing of SHACMAN brand vehicles. The film crew was able to record the details from start to finish of SHACMAN products.

Double west highway ( West Europe – West China) starts at China Lianyun port at the east end and St. Petersburg, Russia in the west. This documentary is produced by a collaboration between the Chinese Consul General in Almaty and Kazakhstan state television. Based on filming the enterprise and the livelihood of the people along the highway, the film shows Shaanqi representing the leading enterprise of Shaanxi province; the starting point of the silk road economic belt. China’s “one belt one road” strategic planning is faced with new opportunities and challenges and highlights the extraordinary achievements made by Chinese enterprises in the construction of the Silk Road economy.

 <Double west highway> will premier on state television in Kazakhstan in late July. 96 countries around the world will be able to tune in.