Malaysia vehicle delivery ceremony


On July 26th, a F3000 vehicle delivery ceremony was held in the beautiful port city of Klang, Malaysia. This event saw over 70 members from SHACMAN’s oversea office, local dealers and media representatives.

          The 8 F3000 vehicles were purchased by Q-Two(M)SdnBhd after purchasing 10 units previously. The customers have very strict requirements for vehicle power, fuel economy, speed and efficiency, and this event signifies that SHACMAN brand vehicles’ features have exceeded the customers tough requirements.

The customers were extremely pleased with their vehicles during the ceremony; expressing their satisfaction  with SHACMAN’s product and services. In order for the other present to get a better understanding of our products, SHACMAN representatives conducted a comprehensive vehicle introduction and explanation. After hearing about the advantages of SHACMAN vehicles, many dealers present at the event also expressed their interest of purchasing SHACMAN vehicles in the future.

The success of this event allowed SHACMAN to introduce new promotions in the Malaysian market. The SHACMAN brand has also left a deep impression in the minds of customers, further increasing its local brand image.