Malaysian dealers and customers visit SHACMAN


On October 11th, Malaysian dealers brought along 10 new customers to visit Shaanxi Automobile Group headquarters in Xi'an. This visit came after when SHACMAN invited a large group of business professionals to witness the product manufacturing procedure.

The purpose of this visit was for the costumers a close up and detailed look at SHACMAN's professional and efficient production lines, witnessing SHCMAN's advanced automotive technologies and also increasing their awareness of the SHACMAN brand.

During the visit, the customers were very impressed with SHACMAN's manufacturing technology and efficient equipment procedures. After the factory tour, the visitors were treated with a 360°comprehensive vehicle introduction of the X3000 series.

As the proverb goes, One strand of silk does not make a thread, one tree does not make a forest; SHACMAN needs the support and cooperation of its dealers and end user to grow, increase its market volume and achieving our goals of creating a strong and refined brand.