Group Chairman's visit to West Africa


Automobile Group chairman Mr. Yuan Hongming visited the West Africa market. He visited and researched the local heavy truck industry as well as meeting the local SHACMAN sales personnel.

In order to deeply understand of the West African market information, Mr. Yuan Hongming arrived at a local dealership as soon as he landed to communicate with key person about further development and localization. Many dealers were encouraged by Mr. Yuan Hongming’s arrival, with many officials saying that SHACMAN has superior quality, efficient and timely service and believe that with the support of SHACMAN, they will make a breakthrough in the West Africa market and shape SHACMAN into the most popular and trustworthy brand in the local market.

Subsequently, Mr. Yuan Hongming conducted a visit to SHACMAN’s local localization project. He listened to the local technical personnel in charge of the SHACMAN localization project give a brief introduction and spoke with the assembly plant management. The personnel at the assembly plant express that they will work hard for the success of the project, to ensure product quality and deliver products on time to the customers.

After listening to the report on the market situation, Mr. Yuan Hongming proposed new requirements for the development of the market network, localization projects, large customer development and accessories services. He pointed out that, first, we must to develop in accordance to the local customers and the user's culture and habits and enhance cooperation with customers. Second, increase efforts to promote new products and enhance the brand influence of SHACMAN. Third, accelerate the pace of channel construction, rely on local factories to increase the construction of parts center and continue to improve service response speed. Fourth, strengthen quality consciousness, strengthen the training of local production workers and continuously improve product quality and production efficiency. Fifth, work hard and stand against all challenges to create an African example of “made in China”.

This is the second time this year Mr. Yuan Hongming have visited the West African market. His arrival brought warmth and care to the overseas sales team. He expressed that going forward we must bring a warrior’s fighting spirit; someone who takes what is theirs. He also said to deepen the localization strategy, dig for customer demands, focus on service and accessories, insist on our goals, seize the market, catch up and surpass market rivals and to achieve a comprehensive breakthrough in the West African market.