Malaysia market research and visit


On November 13th, Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile vice general manager Zhou Yinchao arrived in Malaysia for local market research. During this time, Mr. Zhou Yinchao discussed with parties from China Communications Construction Co., Ltd. to discussed the Malaysia East Coast Railway project. Mr. Zhou Yinchao introduced SHACMAN’s development history as well as the situation of SHACMAN trucks within the local market. He said during the meeting that since SHACMAN’s entrance into the Malaysian market, SHACMAN has provided efficient and dependable services for its customers as well as continuing finding new customer requirements. SHACMAN will fully cooperation with China Communications Construction Co., Ltd. to fully support the ongoing project.

Afterwards Mr. Zhou Yinchao arrived at the SHACMAN Malaysia office to learn more about the daily lives of the employees working in Malaysia as well as showing his appreciation for all the hard work the employees have shown. After hearing the Malaysia market report present by the local office, Mr. Zhou Yinchao affirmed its achievements in recent years and presented forward his three requirements going into the future: First, keep up the hard work to maintain SHACMAN’s advantageous position in the market. Secondly, pay more attention to the product itself, develop and improve the new products comparable to European and American Heavy Trucks. Third, fully cooperate with local resources and be fully prepared for market breakthrough.

Finally, Mr. Zhou Yinchao visited local dealers and SHACMAN’s large customer as well as visiting SHACMAN’s local 4S shop, parts warehouse and service center. He discussed closely with local persons in charge regarding current business situation and future development paths.