【SHACMAN 50th anniversary】Youth blossoms in Mai Li Xi part two


With morning star rising

The diaphanous mist is fading


Shaanqi auto town embracing by plain 

Gradually show her vigorous body

Grand factory

 Flat roads

Gathered dormitories


In the early morning dawn 

Around the plain

Rice’s fragrance is wafting

Trough Mai Li Xi

Workers' laughter is rippling



Youthful Shaanqi

You add vitality and vigor to Qinling Mountains

You wake up the plain


The morning breeze

Transmits the workers’ laughter and voices


The morning glow

Composes a piece of music for youthful Shaanqi


The proudly laughter




--Quoted from "The road of tomorrow" in the series of "business poetry"

Torch Relay of the Asian Games in Famen temple, September 7, 1990

The second ballroom dancing competition, September 27,1990

Jump rope competition for female workers, March 8, 1991

Learn from Lei Feng activities, March 10, 1993

Group-wedding held by Youth League Committee, Apirl 28, 1991

The ninth joint performance in Mai Li Xi, May 1,1991

 Dancing party, May 4,1991

Kindergarten sports meeting, June 1, 1991

Chinese chess tournament, July 24, 1991

Fall sports meeting of subordinate school for Shaanqi, September 15,1991