Pakistan international Engineering Machinery Exhibition was held successfully, SHACMAN heavy trucks cause great attention!


Pakistan International engineering Machinery Exhibition opened in the southern economic town of Karachi in March 13.SHACMAN M3000 tractors made a deep impression to the customers.

With the development of “silk road”, the economic exchanges between China and the countries along the roads. This machinery exhibition was held to promote Chinese enterprises to enter the Pakistan Market, the exhibition is concerned by Pakistan government. On the morning of March 13th, the Minister of labor of Pakistan attended the opening ceremony and visited the booth of SHACMAN, he gave a highly praise to the SHACMAN and express his gratitude to the contribution of SHACMAN in Pakistan, Shaanqi Pakistan office staff introduced the basic situation of Shaanxi and SHACMAN products to him.

SHACMAN M3000 tractor has three gold assembly, Weichai / Cummins engine has strong power; fast transmission, shift smoothly and easy to operate; Hande MAN drive axle has strong bearing capacity and high efficiency. At the same time, the appearance is more fashionable with a higher degree of recognition; the vehicle adopts a variety of new lightweight materials, and the modularized components to made a better product quality, also a special promotion of space comfort is carried out to fully filter the bumps from the complex road conditions. A series of advantages of the M3000 tractors have led to a lot of praise from the present, and many guests expressed their willingness to buy.

Pakistan's main logistics and engineering construction corporation also visited the booth of SHACMAN, several major local oil and Tennessee Gas Transmission Company were concerned about SHACMAN trucks, particularly for the SHACMAN M3000 tractors. Some of the old customers express a highly evaluation for SHACMAN, “I have been using SHACMAN heavy truck for many years, and the products are excellent in quality and after-sale service. I feel very cordial to see SHACMAN heavy truck at the exhibition, and I hope to use SHACMAN in more fields in the future”.

The success of this exhibition has made SHACMAN more famous in the local market, SHACMAN will also expand the Pakistan market with the help of this exhibition, create competitive advantages to win the market with reliable products and intimate services. In the future, SHACMAN will open a brighter new chapter in Pakistan to achieve the "2035" strategic target of the group.