SHACMAN military vehicle taking first


On August 5, the first howitzer repair competition of the "Armament Master" project opened in Kurlesai District, Xinjiang.

After intense competition, SHACMAN Military Vehicle helped the Chinese Army team to win the first battle of the howitzer repair competition with excellent equipment performance.

 During the competition, with professional and superb skills, SHACMAN Military Vehicle successfully passed through 12 practical competition evaluations such as poison area, wading water, rutting bridge, dirt mound, simulated mine and explosion area, simulated combustion area on a 4.8 kilometer simulated actual combat track. With perfect performance, SHACMAN Military Vehicle demonstrated to the whole world its "ability". The military skills of "fighting bravely " have become a resounding business card for Chinese military off-road vehicles.

This year, 186 participants from six countries, namely China, Armenia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia and Uzbekistan, participated in the "Armament Master" competition for weapons repairmen. They divided five contests and used five days to launch the contest respectively. Relay competitions for anti-aircraft gun repair, rocket gun repair, light weapons repair and repair will be held on 7, 9, 11 and 14th respectively.

n this project, all participating countries use Chinese equipment, all of which are collective courses. The participants are required to complete equipment condition inspection, troubleshooting, obstacle-crossing driving, shooting inspection and other operations in the shortest time, highlighting the military skills and technical literacy of the participants to "pick up weapons to fight, pick up tools to repair", in order to train "multi-skilled soldiers".