SHACMAN X3000 Cummins Tractor Strongly Landed in Cebu Market of Philippines


Cebu in the Philippines is located in the center of the Visaya Islands and radiates to areas such as Iroylo, Bacolod and Surigo and Kagayan in northern Mindanao. Apart from Manila, it is one of the most important choices for local and surrounding customers to buy heavy duty vehicles.

On July 21, 2019, the joint distributor of SHACMAN Philippines Office co-hosted the X3000 Cummins trailer truck appearance and trial drive in Cebu, during which customers flocked.

Cebu has a long geographical area and many long-distance ports. Therefore, reliability, economy and comfort are the basic requirements of local customers. X3000 6x4 tractor with Tianxingjian system, Cummins 420 horsepower engine, Eton 13 gearbox, double reduction rear axle, cab widened sleeper, front and rear multi-leaf spring vehicle reinforced chassis. With its low fuel consumption, strong power, high comfort, easy operation characteristics the truck is very consistent with long-distance logistics transportation in Cebu area while also bring customers a high-end sense of intelligence.