Malaysia H3000 promotion


Recently, SHACMAN and Hong Seng Assembly Sdn Bhd Company of Malaysia successfully held SHACMAN H3000 series product marketing promotion. This event enables customers to have a deeper understanding of SHACMAN brand awareness and product diversification, laying a solid foundation for the next large-scale promotion.

The H3000 heavy truck landing in Malaysia uses a new narrow cab, with Weichai WP12 engine, FAST 12 speed gearbox and Hande 16T rear axle. The industry's optimal power assembly ensures the high reliability and high power output of the vehicle while reducing fuel comsumption. The use of telescopic axle shift mechanism also increases the cab sealing, and the three-stage boarding pedal is more in line with ergonomics. At the same time, H3000 adopts hydraulic suspension, hydraulic seat and widened sleeper, which comprehensively improves the convenience and comfort of operation.


As a leader in the field of heavy truck manufacturing in China, SHACMAN heavy truck is well-known all over the world for its strong bearing capacity, high reliability, fuel-saving and cost-effective. In product design, the H3000 matches the industry's best power assembly while also providing the best guarantee for vehicle performance. We believe that with the continuous deepening of the area, SHACMAN will continue to provide customers with more efficient, reliable, comfortable and intelligent products, and accurately meet the needs of customers with a completely new attitude to create maximum value for customers.