Joint venture company in Kenya


On July 9th 2015 in Beijing, general manger of Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group Wang Yanhong and general manager of China Aviation Technology Beijing Co., Ltd. Zou Kangning represented the two sides and signed a cooperation agreement to set up a joint venture company in Kenya. Deputy general manager Zhang Haigang of Shaanxi Heavy Duty Import & Export Co., Ltd. also attended this meeting.


During the meeting, Mr. Zou Kangning introduced the development of the Beijing company and reviewed the cooperation between the two sides more than ten years. He also proposed two sides should give full play to their respective advantages and full cooperation to the Kenya joint venture.


Afterwards, Mr. Wang Yanghong described the 2015 Chinese heavy truck market and the amount of truck sales in the first two quarters. He also said during the meeting that the company will adjust the product model in the second half of this year to increase overall market competitiveness. Regarding the joint venture company in Kenya, Mr. Wang Yanghong express his utmost support and confidence.