M3000, Ethiopia’s future bright star


Recently after many visits and communications, customers in Ethiopia was finally convinced and impressed with the quality of SHACMAN products. They signed for an initial order of 26 SHACMAN vehicles, including 20 M3000 standard configuration tipper trucks. The signing of this order marks the official entrance of M3000 products into the country and breaking the monopolistic grasp of other brands of heavy truck in this region.


The Ethiopian market is a complicated one. The country is in economic poverty and lacks foreign exchange reserves, but also has broad prospects for development, making its demand for heavy trucks strong. In 2015, SHACMAN will mark Ethiopia as a important breakthrough market. SHACMAN engineers will walk among the end users and research their requirements. Once completed, they will then relay that information so SHACMAN can produce vehicles that will fully comply with the Ethiopian market and the customers’ requirements.


SHACMAN M3000 vehicles feature great fuel economy, superior comfort, novel appearance, enhanced reliability and better value. The vehicles quickly won the praise and satisfaction of the Ethiopian customers, whom expressed their interest of acquiring 100 more of these vehicles.

Ethiopia is an emerging market in the international strategy layout of SHACMAN. With continued increase of sales, the SHACMAN M3000 series will become tomorrow's bright star in the Ethiopia heavy truck market.