Indonesia’s “Interactive promotion + natural gas truck trial” activity officially begins



On August 24th 2015, the Indonesia interactive promotion was held in the beautiful port city of Palembang. The event was organized in cooperation by SHACMAN and local dealers. Targeting South Sumatra logistics and mineral resources transportation enterprises, this event focused on the promotion of SHACMAN 6x6 and 8x4 vehicles. The promotion also included a three day natural gas vehicle trial activity.


During the promotion, SHACMAN’s Indonesian employee Ni Biyuan carried out a systematic explanation of SHACMAN LNG vehicle advantages to customers and the operation costs of natural gas vehicles were analyzed for the customers.


Through calculation, SHACMAN LNG tractor trucks can save upwards of 10 thousand USD in fuel costs a year and up to 50 thousand USD during its lifespan. As the leading Chinese brand of natural gas truck, the safety, dependability and efficiency left a deep impression with potential customers.


In addition, local Palembang customers shared their user experience with SHACMAN vehicles. President of a certain local natural gas company also attended the event and introduced the construction of natural gas filling facilities in the city to attending customers, thus eliminating any skepticisms surrounding the availability of natural gas as a fuel.


Three days of LNG vehicle test drive event followed the promotion. Previously only seven companies have signed up to participate, but after the promotional event, many more intrigued costumers showed up to the event to witness the miracles of the SHAMCAN natural gas trucks!


Let us look forward to SHACMAN natural gas truck’s wonderful performance in the future!