SHACMAN’s military prowess during the China’s military parade


On Sept 3rd, 2015, 20 SHACMAN military vehicles was showcased during China’s anti Japanese and anti fascism war victory 70th anniversary military parade. These vehicles were carrying Dongfeng 5B nuclear missiles, command information system equipment, logistical support, and equipment support.


SHACMAN is currently the only heavy duty military vehicle manufacturer to have attended four consecutive military parades, witnessing the growth and prosperity of China.

SHACMAN’s 20 vehicles are divided into the following four teams:

1. Team #21 -  Nuclear missile unit number 2. This units consists of SHACMAN model SX2190N  off road vehicles; totaling 8 vehicles. Bring an imposing presence through Tiananmen Square, showing the world the growing strength of China's defense forces.

2. Team #24 - Command information system equipment unit, 4 rows behind the missile unit. This team consists of 4 SX2153 off road vehicles carrying information command cabins, showcasing the military’s independent and perfect command system.

3. Team #25 – Logistical support unit, located 1 row behind the missile unit. This unit includes 4 SX2190N off road vehicles carrying advance logistic equipments.

4. Team #26 – Equipment support unit, located 1 row behind the missile unit. This unit includes 4 SX2153 off road vehicles, carrying equipment used for wartime maintenance support.