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Shaanxi Heavy Duty Special Vehicle Co., Ltd


Shaanxi Heavy Duty Special Vehicle Co., Ltd belongs to Shaanxi Automobile Group Company, being one of the major matching manufacturers of various types of automobiles such as Shaanqi Delong, Shaanqi Deyu and Sitaier, and engaged in the design, development, reconstruction, fitting and sales of many kinds of heavy duty special purpose vehicles. It is a modern enterprise with a separate legal entity representative and independent right to release announcements.

Shaanxi Heavy Duty Special Vehicle Co., Ltd was registered on September 28, 2001. It is located in Jingwei Industrial Park of Xi’an City, with a floor area of nearly 80 mu, and 600-plus employees, of whom more than 100 hold senior or middle technical titles. It has 280-plus sets of fixed equipment. Its registered capital is RMB 20,100,000 Yuan, and its annual total output value is nearly RMB 300, 000,000 Yuan.

Shaanxi Heavy Duty Special Vehicle Co., Ltd produces more than one hundred types of spare part assemblies for Shaanxi Automobile Group, such as transom window covers, pedals, tire holders, crossbeams, tail beams, pull-type seats, silencers and so on. At the same time, it produces parts for all kinds of automatic tippers and all kinds of heavy duty special-purpose vehicles, such as the K29, K32, K46, SX3310 and so on. Shaanxi Heavy Duty Special Vehicle Co., Ltd also undertakes designing, manufacturing and reconstruction tasks for various kinds of automobiles. In recent years, many products made by our company for the Shaanxi Automobile Group  have won a great popularity in the market, such as the truck for oil field water injection, automatic tippers, side-turning trucks, vans, trucks for urban transportation and environmental protection, powder hauling trucks, cement mixers and so on.

Shaanxi Heavy Duty Special Vehicle Co., Ltd takes users' satisfaction as its tenet, regards credibility as its fundamental value, and has established a fast response mechanism with "high quality, and fast speed", in order to meet the users' wants and needs. Shaanxi Heavy Duty Special Vehicle Co., Ltd has established a sophisticated after-sale service hot line, and has made nine commitments to the users according to the characteristics of the after-sale service of automatic tippers, enabling the users to get truly thoughtful service. The service has won great praise from all walks of life. For the five years since the founding of the company, we have always adhered to the enterprise philosophy of "honest operation, and taking 'excellence in both quality and quantity' as the fundamental philosophy”, thus, we have won many honors with the care and support from society. In 2003, Shaanxi Heavy Duty Special Vehicle Co., Ltd was awarded the title of "Enterprise of Honest Operation" in the machinery and electronics industry by China Association of Labor and Enterprises; in 2004, it was awarded the title of "One of the Best Enterprises" of China's machinery and electronics industry. Shaanxi Heavy Duty Special Vehicle Co., Ltd has won the honor of "Enterprise Keeping to the Contract and Valuing Credibility" by the local province many years in a row. In 2008, Shaanxi Heavy Duty Special Vehicle Co., Ltd passed the TS16949 system certification and the state's "3C" compulsory certification smoothly. Its competition power has been enhanced continually, its market share has been expanded continually, and all the economic indicators of the company have doubled in successive years, realizing jump-styled and sustainable fast development.

Shaanxi Heavy Duty Special Vehicle Co., Ltd has a complete assembly line for special-purpose vehicles, an automobile refitting line, an assembly line for inner decoration of steering rooms, and a streamlined paint spraying line. In 2011, our special car assembly, manufacturing and refitting capacity reached 6000 vehicles / year,and our spare part production capacity reached 150000 parts / year. In the next stage,we shall base ourselves on the technology of Aolong and Delong Heavy-duty Trucks, speed up the development of heavy duty special-purpose vehicles while meeting the wants and needs of Shaanxi Automobile Group Company, so as to build the company into a modern enterprise with top-grade technology, mature products, sophisticated mechanisms and standard management. In the process of continual innovation and sophisticated business management, Shaanxi Heavy Duty Special Vehicle Company will surely become a backbone enterprise for producing large-scale special-purpose automobiles with distinct brand features, making great contributions to promotion of development of the automobile industry.