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Xi'an Cummins Engine Company Ltd.



 Xi'an Cummins Engine Company Ltd.(XCEC) located in Xi'an Jing Wei Technology Industry Garden,it occupies an area of 32 acres.Established on December 16,2005,the company started full production on August 8,2007,producing Cummins 11-liter,full-electronic ISM heavy-duty engine,XCEC's annual production could be as high as 50,000 units.

Xi'an Cummins Engine Co.Ltd.has been certified ISO9001:2000 and ISO/TS16949:2002.Taking full advantages of localization and press close to the customers in China,the locally produced ISM is tailored to meet specific requirements of Chinese customers.


Lower Emissions, Improved Performance, Lower Costs

The ISMe sets benchmark standards in every aspect of heavy-duty performance from fuel efficiency and driveability to reliability. It is a proven design, with a global population of over a halfmillion ISMe-powered vehicles having accumulated over 450 billion kilometers (nearly 280 billion miles) across the world.

Re-engineered to meet Euro IV and Euro V low emission specifications, the ISMe offers advantages beyond the already outstanding reputation of the ISM. Improved transient response, higher overall refinement and ultra-low emissions characterize this latest generation. Enhanced camshaft, pistons, injectors, turbocharger and aftertreatment across the entire horsepower range enable the ISMe to outperform larger engines. In addition, Cummins advanced controls system enables better fuel economy, remote data logging and encrypted lockout features.

Structurally, the ISMe is at the forefront of Heavy-Duty design with a life-to overhaul goal of one million kilometers (621,371 miles). Yet despite all this built-in strength the engine weighs only 940 kg (2,073 lbs) offering a substantial payload advantage.

The ISMe is manufactured by Xi'an Cummins Engine Company Limited (XCEC), a 50/50 joint venture between Cummins Inc. and China's Shaanxi Automobile Group Company Limited (Shaanqi Group). The Xian China factory opened August 2007, and began production of the Cummins ISM 11-liter heavy-duty engine. Their proven manufacturing and engineering capabilities, and certified quality control systems ensure the ISMe engine meets the strict requirements of a diversified international customer base.


Productivity-matched ratings have been targeted at specific applications such as heavy-duty trucks, premium long distance coaches and high capacity double-deck buses to achieve an optimum balance between performance and cost-efficiency. As a result, operators in these markets are achieving extremely high levels of productivity with low running costs.

The highest rated Euro IV and Euro V 440 hp ISMe defines a new approach for 44-ton operations. These engines deliver high torque output in the driving range, optimizing fuel economy and enhancing response. With close to 2100 Nm (1549 lb-ft) peak torque at 1200 rpm and over 1900 Nm (1401 lb-ft) available at 1500 rpm, they can perform with ease on the toughest duty cycle. Over the road drivability matches that of nominally higher displacement engines. With the Cummins ISMe you get more for less.


The high-pressure injection system and electronic controls ensure clean, powerful and efficient operation every time. Our Electronic Control Module (ECM) continuously monitors data, optimizing the fuel-to-air mixture for combustion efficiency. This increases engine responsiveness, improves fuel economy and significantly reduces noise levels. Programmable features let you customize engine performance to match vehicle duty cycles. The ECM has the capacity and the connections to receive input from all other vehicle systems and adjust engine performance accordingly.

Features And Benefits.

Cummins ISMe delivers with significant product advantages:

Power And Performance.

Power output ranges from 226-324 kW (308 hp to 440 hp), with a peak torque of 2080 Nm (1534 lb-ft) and a peak-torque speed of 1200 rpm

Delivers high torque at low speed for quick acceleration and exceptional climbing performance

Dry weight of only 940 kilograms (2072 lbs) ensures high power-to-weight ratio

Fully integrated Cummins subsystems include the fuel system, turbocharger, filtration, aftertreatment system and controls for superior reliability and durability

Fuel Economy And Reliability.

Newly-designed oil pan decreases noise dramatically

Improved fuel economy and durability lower total ownership cost

Optimized injector tips and a reshaped steel piston bowl improve fuel economy and emissions control with longer oil change intervals. Highpressure fuel injection system atomizes diesel in-cylinder and provides precise injunction to improve fuel efficiency

Cummins CELECT fuel system enhances cold start capability while delivering more robust performance during every working condition

Electronically controlled with full variable timing is ideally matched to engine configuration

Electronic system integrates hundreds of functions such as cruise speed control and road speed governor to ensure seamless operation

24-Valve cylinder head optimizes air/fuel mixture to provide faster response

Articulated pistons with forged steel crown and aluminum skirt deliver exceptional durability

Hardened cast iron camshaft has improved wear tolerance

Electronic protection uses sensors throughout the engine to continually send data back to the ECM for self-diagnosis. Rapid diagnostics and data downloading are available, helping to ensure maximum uptime for vehicles

Supported by Cummins robust information management platform and full-electronic control technology, Cummins Intelligence Management System for Truck (CIMST) enables remote monitoring and diagnostics of fleet operation status. CIMST provides real-time information of the vehicle, analyzes vehicle efficiency (such as fuel consumption rate and vehicle on-duty information, etc.), improving fleet management capability and business profitability

Highly integrated modular architecture reduces the number of components by 30% for enhanced reliability and durability with lower maintenance and downtime costs

Compatible parts are easy to repair

Long filtration and oil change interval decrease routine maintenance costs significantly

Outstanding Emissions Performance

The ISMe features Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) exhaust aftertreatment technology developed by Cummins Emission Solutions to meet Euro IV and Euro V emission requirements. This integrated system provides significant reductions in fuel consumption and extended service intervals


Maintenance Policy

The recommended service interval of 16000 km (9,942 mi)/250 hours stands as one of the longest oil change intervals in the industry

Major parts carry a 3-year/480,000 km (298,258 mi) warranty

On-highway applications after new engine inspection (NEI) enjoy unlimited mileage warranty within the first 18 months

Global Service Network.

Backed by the widest network in the industry, with over 6,500 service outlets in approximately 190 countries and territories. Contact your local customer assistance centre for technical support, details on

Cummins has 12 regional service centers, 30 customer support platforms (CSP) and over 300 authorized dealers in China Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Mongolia